Vitamin D Epidemic

Vitamin D deficiency is in epidemic proportion almost 90% population in India is deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is procured from sunlight sky our skin. Less exposure to sunlight and darker skin colour causes less absorption and deficiency. The food rich in Vitamin D is fish which is not consume frequently by Indians and is very expensive also it is another reason of low Vitamin D level in the blood. Vitamin D deficiency causes weakness of muscles, lethargy and generalised body pains. It may cause pains in the bones and joints also. It may cause tsiuto fractures in the body and make the bones weak which can fracture injury. Th treatment is 60,000 i.u cause Vitamin D weekly for six months it is available in all forms by tablets, capsules, syrup, ampules and injections. Exposure to sun for atleast one hour a day is essential.



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